Becoming a Member of Inner West Beekeepers

Interested in learning about keeping native and honey bees in the city? Need insurance for your hives? Keen to share your knowledge with other bee enthusiasts? Need to access equipment such as smokers, extractors and comb presses? Then why not join the IWB?

Why Join?

IWB is a non-profit community run group and Sub-Branch of the Amateur Beekeepers Association of New South Wales. We share our knowledge and resources, and organise events that are exciting and will definitely improve your beekeeping skills while you meet new people. By joining IWB you are helping us to continue to do exciting things in the Inner West. As a member of IWB you will also be able to access hive insurance for your hives and access events run by the ABA. You will be kept up to date with our activities, and heck you can even join the organising committee and become part of the action!

Just Some Benefits of Membership:

Access to our shared resources & Knowledge

The club owns honey extractors and presses that are free to use. We have a selection of books and journals members can borrow. Our teaching apiary offers hands on experience and mentoring for new beekeepers.

hive insurance & free event attendance

Our club offers beekeepers the option to buy hive insurance. Our workshops, events and educational opportunities are most often free to Members or offered at a reduced rate.

The ability to take part in the running of iwb or be a registered swarm collector

All Members can nominate to be on our Management Committee. On joining our club you can nominate to be on the Swarm Collectors Register.

join the inner west beekeepers

Membership costs $20 for Associate Membership (recommended if you don't have bees) and Full Membership is $50. If you agree with the Aims of the IWB and the Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW then click the 'Join Now' button which will take you to the application page. Be sure to select 'Inner West' as your choice of club.